How to display data/information is a fundamental issue in professional life. We seek to learn from various fields in this case from the geology. 

Development of a new interaction design concept for three legal online reference sites (DM.01-AV, GRUDA-AV and RECHT) of the Canton Bern.


  • Easier access to the contents oft he reference guides
  • New information architecture
  • Better search functionality for complex searches
    New technical platform

Ordering customer

Amt für Geoinformation des Kantons Bern

Team IML

Stephan Schallenberger, MAS in HCID
Rafael Beck, MAS HCID
Dr. sc. ETH Philippe Zimmermann

Project information

Project period: 09/2017 - 12/2019


Stephan Schallenberger Interaction designer, Senior usability expert

+41 31 631 62 07
stephan.schallenberger (at)