The MME program and the teaching rooms are located in the Bühlstrasse learning center (LZB). This is linked to the dual task of running the learning center.

MME program

  • Leading the entire MME program regarding content and administration;
  • Developing and maintaining the MME curriculum;
  • Introducing new course topics;
  • Deciding on admissions to the MME program;
  • Advising the study program participants;
  • Appointing tutors and regulate fees;
  • Evaluating the MME program, quality assurance;
  • Advertising and public relations, maintain the website;
  • Assessing participants’ performance;
  • Keeping third-party funding accounts, organize course weeks.

MME Executive Boards

  • Managing the Advisory Board
  • Managing the Operative Executive Board
  • The program leader takes part in Advisory Board and Operative Executive Board meetings in the role of an advisory

Learning Center Bühlstrasse / teaching rooms MME program

The infrastructure of the learning center (LZB) continues to be actively utilized by the students. The demand for personal rented learning spaces also exceeded the supply this year.


  • Managing and administrating the LZB including registration of individual door cards. With the individual student ID-card, medical students have access to the LZB 7/24 days a week.
  • Managing various services for the LZB during regular working hours.

Dr. phil-nat. et MME Sandra Trachsel

+41 31 631 41 19
sandra.trachsel (at)