Undergraduate training at the Medical Faculty in Bern PBL, Clinical skills trainings, communication trainings, interprofessional trainings, Peer-Teaching, eLearning.

Postgraduate training
Program leadership and teaching in the international Master of Medical Education (MME) of the University of Bern. Postgraduate teaching activities includes also the Master of Medical education in Germany, Harvard Macy Institute Program for Leading Innovation in Healthcare and Education at Harvard Medical School; invited workshops national and international; Faculty development, Clinical Teaching and Feedback trainings, Courses and trainings for exam authors, Communication trainings.

Teaching Profile

- Completed MME-theses supervised by IML

Dr. med. Katrin Feller (2019).
Identity Matters - Perceptions of Inter- and Intra-Professional Feedback in the Context of Workplace-based Assessment in Diabetology Training: A Qualitative Study.
Thesis advisor: Dr. med. Christoph Berendonk, MME & Prof. Dr. Sissel Guttormsen, University of Bern, IML

- Completed Dissertations Human Medicine (Dr. med)

Nino Felix Räschle (2019).
"Blended Learning"-Basiskurs Sonografie
Supervised by: Dr. med. Ulrich Woermann, MME (IML), Dr. R. Hari & Prof. Dr. N. Rodondi, Berner Institut für Hausarztmedizin (BIHAM)

- Completed Master-theses

Katarina Lüscher (2019).
"Bedürfnis- und Haltungserhebung zu Patientengesprächen über Spiritulität bei Medizinstudierenden"
Supervised by: Prof. Dr. Sissel Guttormsen, Dr. Beate Brem, MME

Nace Trendafilov (2019).
Graduale level medical students’ ability to detect and address incidental melanoma in a simulation study. Observational evaluation study
Supervised by: PD Dr. med. Helmut Beltraminelli Department of Dermatology University Hospital of Bern. Co-Advisors: Dr. med. Daniel Bauer, MME & Dr. med. Sandra Wüst Institute for Medical Education, Medical Faculty of the University of Bern

Master of Medical Education (MME)

Teaching IML 2019

Exam services